Announcing Krystal Lau as 2019 Scholarship Recipient!

Since 1972, the Nonprofit Communications and Media Network (NCM Network) has sponsored the Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Program for college sophomores and juniors majoring in communications, journalism, digital, radio, or television communications at a Southern California college or university. This scholarship is named in memory of Lisa A. Davidson, a gifted public service coordinator at KNBC-TV and NCM Network member, who died tragically at a young age in an automobile accident. Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarships are supported by contributions to the Ruth Collander Endowment Fund.

The purpose of this scholarship program is to recognize outstanding students who demonstrate excellent potential for improving the lives of the Southern California community through a communications career.

See below for a list of past winners and their comments.


Contact Victoire Prothro, Scholarship Chair, via email with questions.



Comments from Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Winners:

2019 – Krystal Lau
Krystal’s goal is in the tech communications industry, saying, “I believe modern technology is transforming the way future generations communicate and interact with one another. In order to use technology as a tool that can better society, we must fully understand its impact and relation to humanity. I hope to help in the creation and marketing of technologically innovative products that change people’s lives for the better. As an immigrant and a woman, I have learned from personal experience that diversity of thought is key to success. [I]t is my mission to highlight diverse voices, both in my journalism work, which has focused on marginalized groups, and in tech spaces, in which I have helped lead initiatives to bring diversity and inclusion into professional business spaces.”  On the communications industry, she shares, “Media defines the way people think and perceive the world around them. In this time of “fake news,” people have grown increasing suspicious of mainstream media and instead turn to their personal devices, social media sites, or other nontraditional channels for information. Thus, it is paramount to understand the role of technology in today’s shifting communications landscape.”  Please read more HERE.

2017-2018 – Amelia Greene
Amelia’s career goal, at this point in her life, is in the music industry as she writes, “I could not see myself anywhere else; however, the exact role I hope to have in the future is constantly shifting as I find myself enjoying multiple potential careers.” Greene continues to describe her future career in public relations, yet the idea of entertainment law also crosses her mind. She summarizes, “[D]espite the ultimate role I end up in, communication will continue to be a fundamental component of my future career, since I value mass media and the relationship it has with music. Similar to music, communication, especially in mass media, has managed to adapt to technology and morph to the trends of society and consumer wants. Communication and music have played such pivotal roles in my life, and have become true passions of mine, setting me up to aspire to a career that combines the two.”

2013-2014 – Rossini Batino
Rossini’s career goal is to become a Public Health Communications professional. In her application, she explained, “WE, as citizens, depend on communication media to keep us inform and alerted.  With that said, I believe that communication is what is keeping our society functioning and in order – for that matter – it is the spine of the 21st century.”

2012-2013 – Nicole Fukuoka
Since elementary school, Nicole loved bringing pen to paper to tell stories about relevant social issues. She made her hobby her future career choice, by choosing to study broadcast journalism in college.  She did so because she believes that journalists are storytellers who have the potential to make a major impact on society. She attends USC and majors in journalism. In her application, she explained, “Without journalism, the general public would be blind to foreign and domestic affairs that have major impacts on their everyday lives. It has always played a pivotal role in keeping the masses abreast of important societal issues, and even with its 21st Century face lift, journalism will always be a necessary information service to the people.”

2011-2012 – Michelle Onuorah
A graduate of Biola University, Michelle runs her own publishing company, MNO Media. In her application, she explained, “The communication industry is attached to society in a way that society itself does not even recognize.  My generation alone remains pasted to their cell phones, ipods, laptops, Facebook or even newspapers for constant forms of communication.  The rate that we receive news is unprecedented, and the speed of receipt is no longer an issue so much as navigating through the numerous channels of communication. As a member of the communications industry, it is my job to grasp the diversity of communication, understand it’s potential and power, and then use the various communication channels in an ethical manner for the betterment of society.”