Membership is now closed at this time. We invite you to read the below message:

Dear Nonprofit Communications and Media Network Member/Participant:

Whether you have attended a Nonprofit Communications and Media Network (NCMN) annual media mixer or one of its regular programs featuring prominent news media and nonprofit insights, you experienced the invaluable nature of gathering in-person to build on your communications strategies.

Through these events, many relationships developed between nonprofit organizations and news media and evolved into news interviews, public affairs talk shows, public service announcements, crucial partnerships and yes, friendships.

When it was founded in 1955, the organization became a tool for news media to meet their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements to allocate free air time on public airways to nonprofit organizations. In the late 1980’s FCC deregulation no longer had such requirements. Fortunately, many media continued their commitment to nonprofit organizations, and do so to this day.

You might recall a few years ago that NCMN hosted an event to explore its future when it was previously known as the Print Interactive Radio and Television Educational Society (PIRATES). Through extensive engagement and feedback with and from you, the organization was re-named the Nonprofit Communications and Media Network.

Like other organizations, NCMN has experienced a gradual, long-term decline in membership and program participation. Your volunteer board of directors consistently addressed these challenges during its monthly board meetings throughout the last few years. There have been numerous indicators reflecting a need for change.

As a responsible board, we made the difficult decision to dissolve the organization in the near future. Because you are an important part of the organization’s history, we did not want to wait until the formal public announcement to keep you included and updated (contrary to standard communications protocol to wait until all the details are locked in before communicating!).

The board did not want to drive the organization into the ground financially. Instead, we decided to preserve its remaining assets and invest them with another nonprofit organization that has a similar scholarship fund to support future professional journalists. This organization appreciates, and is committed to respecting, our history and mission. As soon as that detail is confirmed, we will let you know.

If you are an annual-access member, we would be happy to provide you with a prorated refund. Or, if you prefer, it can be considered a donation and part of the scholarship assets.

On behalf of the entire board, we thank you for your involvement and are certain that NCMN has served you well for the last 64 years (or part of 64 years!).

As always, please let us know any thoughts and feedback you would like to share.


Andy Weisser
President/Board Member, Nonprofit Communications and Media Network

O: 818.703.6444
M: 818.451.7847