Why don't weight loss diets work?

Why don’t weight loss diets work?

Extra pounds – this phrase has become a real nightmare for some people. They create a lot of problems in the life of everyone who is faced with the problem of excess weight. Humans can’t lead a normal life and have to limit themselves in many ways because of excess weight. This is what encourages people to start dieting. But is diet a guarantee of weight loss?

Many people, who are faced with the problem of excess weight and try to solve it with diets, find that diets are completely useless for them. They claim that they completely move to a healthy diet and strictly follow all the recommendations of a nutritionist. Some people even go on full or partial starvation. But the extra pounds still remain on their bodies. This is very upsetting for them and deprives them of the motivation to continue fighting with extra pounds.

Do you have the same problem? Have you tried to lose weight using grueling diets but did not achieve a positive result? What is the reason for this? Let’s try to figure this out together.

Sometimes, a woman in despair already does not know what else to take on a diet – nothing helps. It seems to have tried everything, strictly according to the instructions, and the result is zero. Rather, it turned out to lose weight a little, but as soon as the diet ended – everything came back!

And you can find an explanation for such situations if you dig well. We will look at the most important aspects.

Maybe it’s the hormones?

The problem of excess weight can be hidden at the hormonal level, lie at the basis of any hormonal disorders of the body, and in this case, the strength of well-known diets is not enough.Why don't weight loss diets work?

It is necessary to make a visit to an endocrinologist, gynecologist, and then to a nutritionist. Pass all the necessary tests, and only then-make an individual diet, taking into account the specifics of the state of health. In no case do not put this burden on yourself, even if you have a medical education.

After all, you can agree that you can understand all the reasons well, but we do not know what to do to eliminate them, since we can not get rid of the weight problem in any way.

Diet + sports = health and slimness

It is also important to understand that the diet itself has a large percentage of the effectiveness of weight loss. And better, it really works with the observance of the correct mode of the day and maintaining an active lifestyle.Why don't weight loss diets work?

That is, if you seriously want to lose weight-approach the issue comprehensively. Add physical activities to the diet: fitness, aerobics, swimming, running. If you have problem areas (such as your stomach and thighs), pump your abs every day and do other exercises that are useful for these areas of the body.

Even regular walking, long walks in the fresh air will be a great addition to any diet.

Metabolic rate

It may be that your metabolism is too slow. Then you need to eat foods that speed it up. These are fruits with a sour taste (grapefruit, orange, apples, lemons), liquids (water, black and green tea), Apple cider vinegar, folic acid, etc.Why don't weight loss diets work?

Also a pleasant addition will be walking in the fresh air, swimming in the water, deep sleep, sex, massage, sauna. By the way, all this also speeds up the metabolism.

A strict diet is stressful for the body

It happens that a woman managed to lose weight, but as soon as she left the diet-it inexorably returned to the previous numbers, if not more. The thing is that the diet has become stressful for the body. He carefully resisted it, and as soon as he got the chance to get it back, he did it.

In addition, the machine of the human body, which has been working for thousands of years, is able to store fat in stressful situations for itself. Just in case, so to speak, if it gets worse later.

What advice can I give here? Go on a diet less stressful for yourself and your body. This means that you need to switch to a diet that will suit you in the future. This is the only way to keep the result of weight loss.

The main thing is motivation!

Well, the last important factor and obstacle may be your unwillingness to work on yourself. More precisely, the desire may be there, but it is hindered by laziness, hunger, lack of will, and most importantly-the right motivation. It is very important that you really want to lose weight.

Think not only about what number on the scales you want to see, but about how you will feel, what to wear, how to communicate with people around you….. I am sure that the desire to lose weight will increase many times. And then you will be able to do much more than usual.

You break the diet, telling yourself that “once you can”, and then complain, why does it not work?

Carefully study the above – described-there is probably an answer to the long-tormenting question “Why diets do not work?”. I wonder how you solved this problem, or how you think to solve it.

Good luck to you, and let your diets now always have a positive effect!

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