Why are You overweight?

This is normal when your weight fluctuates by about 2.5 pounds over the week. Such changes are associated with physiological processes in the body. They should not be a cause for your concern.
But you also need to be adequate when assessing your weight and shape. Remember that if you ignore the problem of excess weight, it will get worse. This will make the weight loss process more difficult for you subsequently. If you notice that your weight gain goes beyond normal fluctuations, then you should definitely think about losing extra pounds. However, first of all, you should determine the reason that provoked the appearance of extra pounds.
The reasons for excess weight can be different. They directly depend on the individual characteristics of each person’s body, as well as on their lifestyle and habits. But there are a number of common reasons that lead to the appearance of extra pounds. It is on them that weight loss measures depend. Read more about this below.

Why does the weight not stand still?

The amount of your weight varies from day to day and from morning to evening depending on the speed of metabolic processes, your menstrual cycle, and even the time of year.

For most of us, these fluctuations are 1-1. 5 kg per week. In fact, to be honest with ourselves, we always feel when we gain extra weight.

Be realistic!

The fact remains that if you want to lose weight, you should eat right. But there is less, it is easy to say, and difficult to implement.

Therefore, before you stop on a diet, you need to solve the following questions:

  • why should you lose weight;
  • why did you gain weight;
  • which method of weight loss is most optimal for you personally.

First, take a real look at your current state and try to be realistic. Do you want to adjust the shape a little or do you need to reset a lot?

Determine for yourself the real goal that you are able to achieve. If you are tall and your bones are wide, you will never look like an American Barbie doll! It is very important to feel at ease.Why are You overweight?

A common mistake: setting unrealistic goals, persistent dieting, hunger strikes, mono-diets. This is all ineffective in terms of long-term results. And in the end it leads to a lot of frustration!

Your ideal weight does not depend in any way on your age or height. Basically, everything depends on your state of mind and temperament. The weight, size, and shape that will make you feel good, handle your responsibilities superbly, and be in a state of mental comfort is your goal.

You should think carefully about what to strive for.

Maybe you want to adjust the shape, remaining at the same weight? Or maybe you just need to increase muscle tone? Or are you concerned about clothing that you currently do not fit, but once it was just right for you? Or maybe all of this, taken together?

You must understand that your goal is limited by certain genetic reasons, namely the bone system and metabolism.

How do I know the width of a bone?

The structure of the bone system, or skeleton, is determined genetically and cannot be changed.

To determine the type of your skeleton, it is enough to measure the circumference of the wrist: 13 cm means thin bones, 13-17-medium-diameter bones, over 17 cm and more-wide-boned structure.

If you have a large skeleton, then most likely you are prone to more weight and will be able to lose only a certain number of pounds without compromising your own health and mental state.

Thus, you should start by taking your genetic characteristics for granted.

What does the metabolism depend on?

Success in weight loss depends largely on the speed of metabolic processes given to you by nature. But the exchange processes can be influenced to a certain extent.

Why are You overweight?

Metabolism depends on your diet and degree of physical activity, your size, age, gender, climate, environment, and the nature of your professional activities.

Nervous tension affects your breathing and heart rate, and these are factors that affect your metabolism.

If the rate of metabolic processes is low, then the food consumed is more likely to go into fat stores than into energy.

Properly constructed physical training will certainly speed up the metabolic processes in the body, and you will begin to lose weight regardless of food consumption, provided, of course, that you do not overeat.

Increasing your metabolic rate means that the calories you consume will be converted into energy and heat, rather than fat deposits, meaning you will have a tendency to lose weight.

The movement to achieve the cherished goal will slow down somewhat in case of fatigue, nervous tension, and when you really need to rest for some reason.

These States should never be ignored. It is completely unreasonable to start the process of weight loss in this state.

All you will achieve in this case is a deterioration in health, mental frustration and loss of confidence in achieving the goal.

If you have a lot of extra weight and your dimensions leave much to be desired, then, of course, the process of getting rid of extra pounds will take a lot of time.

Why are You overweight?

Look the truth in the eyes and determine from the following your reason for being overweight.

One of the most common reasons for having extra pounds in most people is poor nutrition.

The principle of nutrition must be changed!

The first reason

You are too fond of high-calorie food, not interested in proper nutrition or simply lazy, so your diet does not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Second reason

Another reason is simple overeating. If you like to eat heartily, you need to develop the habit of eating moderately. Eat to live, but don’t live to eat!

If everything goes on the same way, you will get fat, get heavier, lose shape and mobility even more, and soon you will face the problem of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Another reason is water retention in the body.

Third reason

This phenomenon is not uncommon, it creates a feeling of overflow, often accompanied by bloating.

It creates extra volume rather than extra weight, but it causes moral suffering.

Very often, water retention in the body is caused and aggravated by a low rate of metabolic processes. This problem is not easily overcome, and if you are seriously suffering from it, you should consult a doctor.Why are You overweight?

In any case, reduce your consumption of chocolate, cakes, sweets, and refined foods, and keep your salt intake to a minimum. You can use a short post, strict or not strict.

Regular physical training is very important: exercises for the whole body, especially bends and stretches, one set of warm-up exercises is clearly not enough.

A lot of people eat in a state of nervous tension to calm down.

Fourth reason

This creates not only the problem of excess weight, but also a constant sense of guilt, which, in turn, again leads to nervous tension.The result is a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of.

But the very first step that should be taken in this case is to get rid of the feeling of guilt. Eating for the purpose of calming down is caused by purely human reasons: fatigue, depression, boredom, loneliness, nervous tension, lack of self-confidence, lack of realization of their capabilities, a sense of self-pity.

Think carefully about which of these reasons is yours, and try to get rid of it. This should be done not only for the purpose of getting rid of excess weight and figure correction.

Think carefully about the lifestyle that you lead: changes here are no less useful than the organization of a rational diet.

If you suffer from boredom

Join an interest club, a health group, or create a hobby.

If you suffer from a lack of self confidence

Think about what area you could best demonstrate your abilities in. Try to improve in this area, and this will help you improve your self-esteem and gain confidence in your abilities.

Look around you!

There are so many possibilities around! They seem difficult to implement, but it is necessary to take the first step, and the carousel will spin.

And as soon as you have a new life interest, food will take a back seat.

So, in order to stop eating for complacency, you need to understand what causes lead to this.

In food it is necessary to control

The most effective way to change your diet is to start by cleansing your body and changing your taste habits.

Change your attitude to food, and then you can change your eating habits for the better.

Think about what time you should eat, what to eat, and how to prepare food.

Choose a new cookbook and plan your meals in advance so that you don’t have to decide in a hurry when you’re already hungry and ready to eat anything.

The main thing is awareness and control

Nutrition issues should be taken under strict control. For some people, this is very difficult, but don’t underestimate your capabilities.

You will be able to do it.

If you believe that you can control yourself, your desires, and your body, then this is more than a step toward achieving your goal. (This is not about strict dietary restrictions, but about planning your diet).

Don’t make hasty decisions. Think about a real plan.

No hurry. Do what is easy for you to do.

If you sit on a promising diet that supposedly gives quick results, you will soon experience disappointment, find yourself in a state of nervous tension, then give up this idea, arranging a feast for such an occasion.

Then you will feel guilty, and you will have to start all over again.

Therefore, you should not rush and stop at the first available option, it is better to choose a soft approach to nutrition.Why are You overweight?

Don’t buy ads, it’s better to ignore them altogether. Chocolate, sweets, cakes and cookies-all this is presented in stores in the most favorable place.

You have to admit to yourself that this is your weakness and money is made on it!

Write yourself a list of products that you need to buy in advance, and stick strictly to this list.

Also, never go shopping with an empty stomach.

When you get used to the new food system, try to listen to yourself more and eat what your body tells you, not what your common sense says.

Eat little by little, the food must be properly balanced in terms of the combination of products and bring pleasure.

Don’t give in to weaknesses, old habits, and feelings.

Eat everything and little by little. You will start to be proud of your achievements!

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