TOP 5 diets for weight loss

TOP 5 diets for weight loss without harm to health with a menu for every day home ” how to lose weight quickly and effectively at home? “TOP 5 diets for weight loss without harm to health with a menu for every day Ekaterina Lavrova / first school of well-being comments: 1 in this article you will find the most effective diets for weight loss without harm to health with a menu for every day. You will learn about the secrets of proper nutrition and choose the most delicious diet, with which you can easily lose weight by 3 kilograms or more. And for those who read to the end, I will give the book “the Path to the perfect figure”. Content: Do you know that the secrets of proper nutrition go back to ancient times? Mediterranean diet-the standard of proper nutrition for weight loss raw Food diet — the most effective diet for weight loss in summer and autumn Protein diet-satisfying weight loss at any time of the year Ketone diet — the best way to drown subcutaneous fat Therapeutic diets-an important method of treatment for many diseases Diet does not help to lose weight — what is the reason?

A little secret to getting rid of a couple of extra pounds And you know that the secrets of proper nutrition go back to ancient times? Dieting is not a fad. Health-improving practices and methods of healing a person, finding their peace of mind arose 4 thousand years before the birth of Christ. It was then in the most ancient system of the East – Ayurveda-that the secrets of healthy nutrition were revealed, disciplines for physical health and personal development, and rules for eating were laid down. The methods were based on healthy eating behavior and a reasonable lifestyle: daily routine, sleep, sports, diet, massage, breathing techniques, color therapy, the use of herbs (infusion, decoction, tea), corrective measures. The experience and knowledge of Oriental medicine is difficult to overestimate even today. Our health, figure and beauty depend on the style of everyday life, correctly made decisions and proper nutrition. “Eat in moderation, and be choosy in food” – basic postulates of medicine in Tibet. The quantity, quality, and nutritional value of food affect the regulation and balance of the body’s systems. We are used to taking care of the first two properties of the product, quantity and quality, but we rarely think about nutrition, or more precisely, caloric content. Maybe extra pounds grow from here? Control over what we eat or drink, how many calories we get from food, how we spend energy potential-this is taught by the diet. And here you can’t do without a diary and a pen.

Self-monitoring will reveal problems in nutrition, correct adjustment will help to get the desired result. Adjusting the food system you need to live in harmony with your own soul, it is important not to harm yourself. Knowing that the path to health and a beautiful figure lies through the stomach, we select certain products for our own table intuitively, relying on personal food tastes and preferences. Based on this, each person can choose an individual, safe and effective diet. Consider a few proper diets for weight loss without harm to health. Mediterranean diet-the standard of proper nutrition for weight loss the Mediterranean Greek diet is recognized by nutritionists around the world and is considered one of the best. Its secret lies in the longevity of the inhabitants of Crete, in a fairly simple diet consisting of locally available products. The Cretan menu includes bread made from coarse flour, meat (chicken, lamb), fish, seafood, a lot of vegetables, fruits, vegetable and fruit salads using various types of cheese (including soy), low-fat yogurt, olive oil and spices. Cretans make excellent Greek wine, use it in some dishes when cooking, drink wine (without getting carried away) and juices from natural fruits, increasing the body’s metabolism, tone and mood. The Greek diet has an excellent result – the number of centenarians is growing in this region, among them there are people who have crossed the 100-year mark, they are active and feel well.TOP 5 diets for weight loss

What is the essence of the Mediterranean diet? In the Mediterranean diet, fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates account for 60 percent of the total diet. Vegetable fats occupy-30 percent (favorites of Greek cuisine olives, olive oil-useful products that speed up the processes of metabolism and digestion). The proportion of protein in the diet is 10 percent. Mediterranean diet for weight loss menu for every day raw Food diet — the most effective diet for weight loss in summer and autumn the whole secret of the raw food diet lies in live raw vegetable products that have not been subjected to heat treatment above 40 – 45 degrees. The raw food diet uses: vegetables, fruits, berries, root vegetables, cereals, nuts, fresh herbs, herbs, dried fruits. This diet is not for the lazy (if you suddenly think about it). It’s not about just eating an Apple or a cucumber. It’s more complicated than that. Well, first you need to find a quality product, secondly, to properly balance the taste of the combined fruits, and third, to serve the dish beautifully. However, all this is relevant for any other diet! Advantages of the raw food diet the raw Food diet is a storehouse of vitamins, the body receives a lot of fiber that absorbs toxins, and removes bad cholesterol. In addition, natural plant products due to fiber (it is loved by bacteria living in the human gastrointestinal tract) normalize the intestinal microflora. From plant food, a person receives the necessary minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium), polyunsaturated fatty acids, and the alkaline balance of the blood is restored.

Cons of the raw food diet a Good diet, but there is a ” but ” – the raw food diet is mainly carbohydrate. This signals that the body will eventually begin to experience a lack of protein and fat. With protein and energy insufficiency, a person does not cope well with physical activity. People who have been on a raw food diet for a long time have a lack of iron — iron deficiency anemia. In plant products, iron is in a chemically bound state, and it is difficult to extract it. The availability of calcium is also reduced, although there is enough of it in plant foods, but there is a mineral in it in the form of hardly soluble salts. Lack of calcium provokes the development of osteoporosis. In addition, the raw food diet has strict restrictions. Doctors recommend avoiding it for people with diseases of the internal organs: – inflammation of the duodenum; – acute cholecystitis; – pancreatitis; — erosive gastritis; – stomach ulcer. When is the best time to start a raw food diet? If you have not found any contraindications and are determined to lose weight with a raw food diet, it will be logical to start in the summer, when the body can easily adapt to a new diet. In addition, in the summer it is easy to find a lot of delicious, healthy, high-quality products of plant origin. By the way, the raw food menu has a nice balanced taste. There are also light soups-purees, fresh salads, slightly stewed vegetables, fruits, berry smoothies, fruit and berry ice cream and even fruit and berry sweets.

No one can resist the variety of dishes, delicious riot of colors in the plate, so raw food cuisine will be a great addition to any diet. The main thing is to observe the measure, count calories. To do this, use the step-by-step guide for proper weight loss. Buy a book from a nutritionist-nutritionist “nutrition Diary: the Path to the perfect figure!” for 999 rubles 299 rubles. Buy a book for 299 rubles: * to buy a book, click “Send”. The book will be sent to the email address that you specify when paying. Protein diet (protein) — satisfying weight loss at any time of the year for proper nutrition, adherents of the protein diet observe the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Every day, for every kilogram of human weight, it is recommended to eat 1.2-1.5 g of protein (on average, 80-100 g), with physical activity up to 160 g. Protein is a building material for our body. Each cell is made up of hundreds of millions of protein molecules, and protein chains are assembled together from smaller particles called peptides. These crumbs are bioregulators in the body, are responsible for metabolic processes, launch Wellness programs, perform tasks of building bone, muscle tissue, brain, skin, etc. The diet of a protein diet consists of 40% protein with the addition of vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. Protein cuisine includes lean meats, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, legumes (peas, beans, lentils, soy), nuts, and milk. Soy products are useful: – contain easily digestible protein; – restore nerve cells due to lecithin; – improve skin condition; – stabilize attention, memory, thinking; – make bones strong; – clean blood vessels from cholesterol.

While on a protein diet, it is important to limit easily absorbed carbohydrates (sugar, grapes), mushrooms, salt, and increase the amount of antioxidants and vitamins. Protein diet for weight loss menu for a week Ketone diet — the best way to drown subcutaneous fat Ketone diet (ketogenic, keto diet) is a system of using products with a low carbohydrate content. The secret to a ketone diet is to get carbohydrates from fat. Niche popular low-carb diets share a power system is quite complicated, the Kremlin diet, “Protasova”, etc. Ketogenic nutrition was developed in America in the 20s of the last century to combat epilepsy. Scientists have noticed that during the period of forced starvation, the human life support system actively consumes energy from fat. There is a process-ketosis, fats are broken down, glycerol is released, glucose is synthesized from it, and acetone and other ketone compounds are formed. Ketone diet is contraindicated in diabetes. The weigh

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