Lose weight for the holiday or be in shape always?

Lose weight for the holiday or be in shape always?

Good physical shape and the absence of extra pounds is the key to good health, a full-fledged lifestyle, and unlimited opportunities. Now you should think about whether you want to live like this always or only during certain periods of life.
Of course, you can eat your favorite burgers or pizza and not pay attention to your weight. However, you will still have to think about the extra pounds sometime. Problems with your health or private life, an upcoming vacation at a seaside resort or a holiday where you want to look great – these and many other reasons can make you think that you are overweight.
Probably, you already realized that periods when you still have to get rid of extra pounds will arise in your life. They will also be associated with proper nutrition, regular sports, and giving up bad habits. Maybe it will be easier for you to lose weight once and constantly maintain the achieved result? You should think carefully and make the right decision.

Let’s face reality

It is important to realize that a proper balanced diet is not a diet for a few weeks.

Proper nutrition is a way of life that must be followed constantly. You do not need to stick to proper nutrition in order to prepare yourself for a vacation, a wedding, or some holidays.

Proper nutrition should be commonplace, habit, nature. How can this be achieved?

1) Awareness that it is impossible to do otherwise

Proper nutrition is a natural daily need. You do not take a shower just before sex to please your partner, but do it every day to be clean, smell nice, and feel good. Right?!! Right!!

That’s with food as well. You need to eat wisely every day to be clean inside. Then you will not have to arrange a General cleaning of the body before important life events, trying to remove from it kilograms of slags, waste, and toxins that have accumulated during the disorderly absorption of everything more or less edible.

2) Why can’t I eat like everyone else

Here, you may think: “but everyone is eating. They eat what they want, a lot, tasty, harmful, sweet, superfluous. What about me?!! Should I stand out?!!»Lose weight for the holiday or be in shape always?

Good question. Let’s try to think about it.

Let’s go back to our example of taking a shower. So, for clarity. This will help us reframe your question.

In other words, you are asking: If everyone around you is littering, getting dirty, leaving greasy spots on themselves and on their clothes (that is, eating anything and in any quantities, throwing in everything that is not pinned), do I need to stand out?!!

If everyone around me is washed, cleaned every six months (in other words, go on a diet, try to bring the weight back to normal), do I need to stand out?!! Do I need to follow hygiene (eat correctly and reasonably) every day?!!

In this more visible formulation, everything becomes clearer. And the answer to all these questions is obvious.

It’s not normal to wash every six months.

You can’t clean your apartment every few months, and the rest of the time, you can’t spit on the floor and throw things around.

And it’s oddly erratic to eat unwisely, and only occasionally, before the beach season or birthday, trying to get yourself back to normal.

It’s unhygienic. Agree?!!

3) the Only correct answer

So we answered the question of why you need to monitor your diet every day. Always. And now you will probably stop considering proper nutrition as torture or self-restraint. Don’t be so tragic. It’s very childish.Lose weight for the holiday or be in shape always?

Children sometimes do not want to wash and are capricious, consider it something unnecessary and burdensome. It’s just that they are still small, and do not understand that the cleanliness of the body is a simple matter of hygiene.

4) we Do everything in an adult way

And now you also understand that it is important not only external, but also internal hygiene, in which a healthy diet is one of the most important components.But you are already big. You understand everything. Daily shower and self-care are all natural and normal And there is no self-sacrifice in this.

Take responsibility for yourself and change your attitude to food, to yourself. Show a personal example to your family, because it is not for nothing that they say that children do not listen to your words, they do everything the way you do.

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