How to cancel night raids on the refrigerator

How to cancel night raids on the refrigerator

What could be better than eating your favorite dish after a busy day, during which you did not find time for even a small snack? What can help you calm down when you’re spinning around in bed and can’t sleep because your stomach is rumbling? What can give you power in the evening, if you are determined to go on a diet tomorrow morning? Yes, there are many reasons for you to eat at night. But you should think about the consequences that night eating can lead to.

In addition to feeling heavy and uncomfortable in your stomach, your weight will increase rapidly due to eating food at night. This will exacerbate the problem of excess weight and lead to serious health problems. But you can’t control yourself when night comes. It is at this time that you feel starving. But you should definitely learn to fight this in order to lose extra pounds and maintain a normal weight.

If the problem of night eating is familiar to you, then you should definitely read this article to the end. This way you will learn the main reasons for night eating, as well as ways to fight it.

Night is the time of transformations

The clock strikes midnight. The Princess turns into Cinderella, the carriage turns into a pumpkin, and the thinning girl turns into a glutton. To hell with the diet!

If you want to eat, you need to eat. And more. Otherwise, there will be no sleep, and if you fall asleep, nightmares will torment you.

I haven’t eaten all day

Finally, the endless working day came to an end. And you were able to live it on an empty stomach. Honor and praise to you.How to cancel night raids on the refrigerator

Now, it would seem, hurry home and go to bed. I don’t want anything else.

I can’t sleep on an empty stomach

Everything is so, but for some reason I can’t sleep. I want something, you don’t know what.

And then a criminal thought creeps into my head: “I can’t sleep from hunger. I need something to eat immediately.”

“Everything, tomorrow no-no”

Then begin remorse: “How generous was the refrigerator and what an utter glutton I am! Tomorrow I’ll go on a strict diet and lock the refrigerator.At least for the night.”

But will it help?

Are you preparing for sumo wrestling?

When you eat at night, you are like sumo wrestlers. Remember what they look like? Impressive, nothing to say.How to cancel night raids on the refrigerator

So, for these Japanese heavyweight athletes, a rich late dinner is a kind of diet, sitting on which they purposefully gain weight.

But why do we overeat, always dreaming to lose a couple of founds?

Why do we eat before going to bed?

Food as a way to relax
For many people, food serves as a sedative, a kind of compensation for troubles, experiences and a hard day’s work.

When we come home, we let go of our burdens and worries and allow  ourselves small weaknesses.

Soak in the bath, look through a magazine… And get drunk, of course.

Do carbohydrate foods relieve stress?

If in the morning, making a choice between a cake and oatmeal, we reluctantly ate porridge, then in the evening everything is different.

In addition, after 18 hours, the level of glucose in the blood decreases and you really want something sweet, especially since carbohydrate food helps to relieve stress.

You need to remember a simple rule: no matter how sad and sad it is in the evening, food can not solve these problems.

Find other ways to relieve stress: take a walk, do yoga, or take a relaxing bath.

At night all cats are grey and full

They’re cats. They are nocturnal and sleep during the day — unlike us, who work hard every day from nine to six.

By the way, cats can do without food during the day, they are quite evough for a mouse that they ate last night.

It’s easier to control yourself in the light

The darkness itself greatly affects our endurance. In bright daylight, people have better control over their desires and actions, including eating. It is easier to stop during the day, even at the cost of a strong-willed effort.

How to cancel night raids on the refrigerator
A woman raids the refrigerator late at night

Well, if the room is dark, and pulls to eat a couple of extra pieces. That’s why it’s so dangerous for your waistline in front of the TV in the dark.

Lack of calories during the day

The level of food self-control is high in the morning after a full sleep, and during the day it gradually decreases.

You can say that your body is responsible for everything that you eat before 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and you will have to control the gastronomic process yourself in the afternoon.

No wonder they say: eat Breakfast yourself, and give dinner to the enemy…

Golden mean

Try to stick to the Golden mean — eat regularly and moderately.

And you do not need to starve yourself during the day, then in the evening there will be no desire to swallow a RAM.

Owl lifestyle

If you work the night shift or are used to staying awake at night, then midnight food can become a necessity for you. After all, you spend the day sleeping.

In this case, have a hearty dinner at 22-23 hours, do not delay this procedure until the “ox hour”. At 2-3 o’clock in the morning, the stomach falls asleep, even if the brain continues to work actively.

How to gain control over yourself

Why eating at night has a negative impact on the body? Because we load the body at a time when it should be resting.

The stomach cannot process high-calorie food, and it quickly fits in its place-it is deposited in fat on the sides, waist and thighs.

The Stop signal sleeps at night

  • Late gastronomic vigils are also harmful because after 22 hours, the “stop signal” that tells our body that it is full, begins to weaken, and after midnight, it generally falls silent.
  • At night, you can eat a dozen sandwiches and five buns, and after all this, you will still feel that you are hungry.
  • Don’t lose touch with your sense of satiety
  • The more often you eat before going to bed, the more difficult it will be to “hear” the voice of your body, begging You to stop.
  • And so you can lose contact with yourself at all. And overeat around the clock. But that’s not the point now.

Plan is the key to success

  • Plan your evening menu in advance. Try to eat 2/3 of your daily calories before dinner.
  • After lunch, it is advisable to arrange an afternoon snack, and eat dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Gradual transition

  • The more time passes from lunch to dinner, the hungrier you become.
  • Start gradually weaning yourself off eating before going to bed.
  • First, snack on low-calorie foods — eat an Apple, bread. Then give up this night’s indulgence.
  • This will become the norm very soon. Love the feeling of lightness before going to bed.
  • The mouth is closed until the morning

Ritual for the night

  1. Always brush your teeth after dinner. So you will let yourself know that your mouth is closed until the morning. If you have an acute attack of night hunger, which can catch you right in bed, drink a glass of water. If one glass is not enough, another. And more. The desire to eat will surely disappear.
  2. If watching TV causes you to have a chewing reflex, give up evening vigils at the TV host or think of something to do while watching your favorite TV series. Knit, iron your underwear, and pedal your exercise bike.
  3. Do not read while eating. Especially no tea-making in bed. Always eat at the table and concentrate on the process.
  4. Chew slowly, and during evening feasts twice as slowly. Give your stomach time to “understand” that you have eaten something, otherwise you can overeat without feeling full.
  5. Forget about alcohol. It is not only a supplier of a large number of calories, but also a hunger enhancer. One glass of wine-and your appetite will Wake up, and control over yourself, on the contrary, will weaken.
  6. Do not leave harmful products in the refrigerator overnight. Then you will not be able to succumb to the temptation to eat a cream cake, a bun with poppy seeds and a piece of roll.
  7. Go to bed early. So you will save yourself from agonizing thoughts, look or not in the refrigerator, and put in order the biological clock.
  8. Lack of sleep, by the way, can lead to weight gain.
  9. Scientists recently found that regularly sleep-deprived people have reduced levels of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for feeling full, and increased levels of ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger.
  10. Take evening classes in the fitness room. Training will be another incentive for you not to eat too much before going to bed.
  11. Are you prone to nocturnal gluttony?

Symptoms of nighttime overeating syndrome

If you find these symptoms in yourself, it means that you are not building your diet correctly. Don’t you have anything to do in the dark?

Surely you will not run to the Refrigerator in the middle of the night if your strong half is next to you in bed.

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