5 easy ways to lose 5 kg

5 easy ways to lose 5 kg

Overweight is becoming a very common problem among people of different ages today. Many people give up fighting against extra pounds, deciding that it is very difficult to lose weight. But you definitely shouldn’t think the same way!

You have long wanted to lose weight, but did not know where to start? And now you don’t have time to think, because the holidays will start very soon. A beautiful dress that should emphasize your perfect shape has long been waiting in the closet. But the problem is that your shape is not ready for the upcoming holidays. The belly looks too big. This is terrible! Will you have to give up a beautiful dress and choose large clothes that hide the shortcomings of your figure? No, we don’t think so.

You have the opportunity to get rid of extra pounds before the holidays begin and impress everyone with your stunning figure, which the new dress emphasizes so favorably. It’s much easier than you think. All you need to do is read this article and follow the recommendations provided in it. And then success is exactly waiting for you in the upcoming holidays!

5 easy ways to lose 5 kg before the New year or lose 10 kg
The new year is approaching by leaps and bounds, and you probably had time to notice a beautiful dress for a festive night.

And how I want to buy it and for complete happiness look a little better than now. You still have time to pull yourself together.

Here are five simple ways to lose extra pounds in the time we have, perhaps even lose 10 kg.

1. A memoir about food

Many nutritionists advise you to start keeping a diary of food and exercise.5 easy ways to lose 5 kg

It only seems at first that the diary is useless and still takes up precious minutes. After following your diet for a week, it will be easier to understand which treats should be replaced for the next month.

For some reason, a couple of cookies eaten at lunch and a sandwich before dinner tend to evaporate from our memory. Looking wide-eyed at your diet plan, you will understand where the extra pounds come from.

In addition, writing down the hours when our hands reach for sweet or flour, we learn that at this time we need to occupy ourselves with something else.

2. What’s on our plate?

Experts often talk about this secret “90 to 10”. This wording means the following: forbidden food does not exist at all.

You only need to correctly calculate the proportions: useful food 90% and the remaining 10% of the favorite, which is often harmful. If this method seems too cruel to your beloved, there is a second one.

Put your usual portion of food on the plate. Now put back exactly 1/3. You won’t be hungry, that’s for sure. It is important not to deceive yourself. Don’t put less food on your eye. Let everything be fair.

And that doesn’t suit you? Well, you’ll have to trick your stomach-but in a smart way. If you choose to eat a smaller plate than usual, then after a meal, your subconscious will say that you do not need to eat more, because this will be the second portion. And you won’t even think about its size.

3. Home is not for sweet treats

Now we will say a simple and familiar truth: everything you bring to the house, you will eat. No wonder, you always want to eat at home, because there is a TV and a computer nearby. Here is spoon for spoon in his mouth and is placed.

Therefore, never take home anything from sweets, flour, baked or just fat for the evening after work. In a cafe with children, allow yourself only a Cup of coffee, and let your spouse take them to the diner.5 easy ways to lose 5 kg

But athletes can advise you to imagine yourself strong and cheerful before going to bed. Soon dreams will turn into reality!

4. Water is the key to health

Drink a glass of water before eating, especially if you are going to a party or restaurant. Water will kill your appetite. If you are overweight, you need to increase the amount of water consumed to 2-2. 5 liters per day.

Doctors say that weight problems are often caused by a violation of water and salt metabolism. It can be caused by a number of reasons: hormonal failure, heart failure, and many other reasons.

However, the fact remains that you should drink more water. It is useful to start the morning with a Cup of clean water. Just don’t forget that putting an equal sign between water and any other liquid is a huge mistake. Sweet and carbonated drinks stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, provoking a feeling of hunger.

5. The carrot and stick method

Have worked on the figure, replaced some products-praise and encourage. For example, for every 10 minutes of charging in the morning, put a small monetary reward in the piggy Bank.

Imagine that by the New year and Christmas sales week, you can afford a new blouse or trousers. After all, your figure will change this month!

There is one story: a man gave himself a boat, and after dropping nine kilograms, he could easily cross the lake on it. So go ahead!

Chur, do not deceive yourself: if you miss a lesson, you lose the deferred coins :).

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