ncmn-aboutNonprofit Communications and Media Network, formerly known as Print Interactive Radio and Television Educational Society or PIRATES, serves the Southern California community and EDUCATES nonprofit professionals, CONNECTS with media, and CREATES communications and cause awareness that make an impact.

Founded in 1955 as a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization (Tax ID #95-3886888), the organization became a tool for news media to meet their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements to allocate free air time on public airways to nonprofit organizations during prime time. Through this partnership, many relationships developed between nonprofit organizations and news media for news interview sources, public affairs talk shows, and public service announcements. In the late 1980’s FCC deregulation no longer had such requirements. Fortunately, many media continue their commitment to nonprofit communications. Through public files, media document their accountability to the public good through related efforts.

NCM Network’s volunteer-run Board of Directors includes representatives from each of these areas. The organization embraces the broad spectrum of community needs and issues. NCM Network also embraces the rich diversity of our community, which is reflected in our membership and by our Board. Scroll through the list of our inspiring Board presidents below.

NCM Network offers monthly programs, popular media mixers, and joint events with other Southern California nonprofit and communications organizations to provide members access and the tools and contacts to succeed. The organization gives back to the community through an ongoing scholarship program for college students in the communications field.

In addition to monthly events or hands-on seminars on informative topics with industry experts, some of the MEMBERS ONLY benefits include:
•    monthly email newsletter featuring PR and communications tips.
•    access to a Members Only LinkedIn group.
•    access to a Media Contact List.

We thank our Sponsor(s) for their support. If you would like to Sponsor NCMN, please contact the Board President.


Decades of Volunteer Leadership

Your volunteer Board of Directors, led by inspiring Board presidents, has a rich leadership history. Board presidents have a singular commonality: enthusiasm and commitment to connecting nonprofits with the media. We invite you to take a walk back through the decades to see our list of Board presidents and their professional affiliations since the organization’s inception.

1955: Sally Smalley Alexander

1956: Gayle Liedel, KTTV

1957: Adele Berns, KFI

1958: Majorie Luke, KTTV

1959: Lucy Blake, KFAC

1960: Gene Karaganies, KTLA

1961: Debby Edelsohn, KNX

1962: Pat Stimson, KTTV

1963: Luetta Mae Ball, KABC

1964: Dorothy Texter, KABC

1965: Niki Arlow, KGFJ

1966-1967: Peggy Sullivan, KTTV

1968: Kay Murray-Totten, KHJ

1969: Peggy Roush, Southern California Broadcasters Association

1970-1971: Vera Christopher-Nelson, KMPC

1972: Jane Warfield, KBIG

1973: Lyle W. Nash, KRLA

1974-1976: Johnny Grant, KTLA

1977-1978: Sam Benson, KLAC

1979-1980: Beatrice Lewis, KNBC

1981: Marion Creighton, KGIL

1982-1983: Linda Perry, KHJ

1984-1986: Michael Turner, KCSN

1987: Michael Hudson, KLCS

1988-1989: Nancy Rose Dufford, Big Brothers of Los Angeles

1990-1992: Deane Leavenworth, Leavenworth Associates

1992-1994: Peggy Cobb, St Anne’s

1994-1996: Yvonne Voisin, Voisin Communications

1996-1998: Robin Gee, CityTV of Santa Monica

1998-2000: Meg McDonald, McDonald Media Services

2000-2001: Susan Lozano, Southern California Broadcasters Association

2001-2004: Robin Gee, CityTV of Santa Monica

2004-2005: Victoire Vappie-Prothro, KTLA

2005-2008: Robert Berger, Healthier Solutions

2008-2012: Robin Gee, CityTV of Santa Monica

2012-2015: Ruth House, ABC7 and Robin Gee, CityTV of Santa Monica

2015-2017: Ruth House, ABC7 and Andy Weisser, Communications/PR Consultant

2018-present: Andy Weisser, Communications/PR Consultant