NCM Network Congratulates the 2019 Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Recipient

KrystalLauHeadshotWe are proud to announce Krystal Lau as the 2019 Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship recipient!

Krystal Lau’s career goal, at this point in her life, is in the tech communications industry as she writes, “I believe modern technology is transforming the way future generations communicate and interact with one another. In order to use technology as a tool that can better society, we must fully understand its impact and relation to humanity.” Lau continues to describe her future career in communications, “I hope to help in the creation and marketing of technologically innovative products that change people’s lives for the better. As an immigrant and a woman, I have learned from personal experience that diversity of thought is key to success. [I]t is my mission to highlight diverse voices, both in my journalism work, which has focused on marginalized groups, and in tech spaces, in which I have helped lead initiatives to bring diversity and inclusion into professional business spaces. I am to continue to do this in my career. In the future, I hope that every aspect of my career, from conducting consumer research to developing communications strategies, can become an opportunity to promote diversity.”

In discussing her view of the communications industry and its role in today’s society, Miss Lau said, “I believe the communications industry plays an even more potent role in today’s information age. Media defines the way people think and perceive the world around them. In this time of “fake news,” people have grown increasing suspicious of mainstream media and instead turn to their personal devices, social media sites, or other nontraditional channels for information. Thus, it is paramount to understand the role of technology in today’s shifting communications landscape.”

She continues to write, “[the] industry will be crucial in restructuring the new political, social, and economic landscape of tomorrow. Today, information is currency, and information is tied to communications. This industry must revolutionize itself to stay up to date with new technological advances without giving up its core tenets of integrity and veracity. Within the media sphere specifically, the disconnected public needs truthful media more than ever – stories that are relevant, engaging and significant. The media will play a crucial role in determining whether their audience – and society itself – will grow more polarized or united in the years to come.”

Currently Krystal works at Cisco Systems as a Project Management Intern to help with the communication of more technical processes between business analysts, sellers, and data scientists. She continues her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she has worked as a Daily Bruin freelance videographer, and won the InterGroup Relations Campus Climate Award for her documentary on the experiences of LGBTQ Christians.

Miss Lau is an undergraduate student at UCLA with a GPA of 3.92. Majoring in Communication with Computing Specialization, she is expected to graduate in June.

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