Meet our Newest Members!

We at the NCM Network have some pretty amazing members, including many of you!  We’d like you to get to know them a little.  So, to introduce our newest members, who joined at our Annual Mixer, here’s a brief rundown!

If you are a current member and would like to submit a blog post on a topic relevant to our Network, please email  Sharing your knowledge (via our blog and social media) is a member benefit and we are excited to share this with you!

Meantime…meet our newest members (Joel, Paula and Leon), in their own words:


JoelPerez_headshotI attended my first NCMN mixer in June and found the networking mixer a great investment of my time.  I’m a proud gay Communications Manager supporting leaders on local & statewide policy to change the narrative of health in underserved communities.

Originally from Fresno, I relocated to Los Angeles six years ago for the Building Healthy Communities initiative.  Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is a 10-year comprehensive community initiative launched by The California Endowment.  The vision for BHC is to create a safe, empowered community where children and families, thrive and enjoy a high quality of life.  I work closely with community members, non-profits and system leaders to engage in social justice movements to ensure that all residents have access to quality health care, affordable housing, high performing schools, and healthy community development.

Our current campaigns goals are 1) Increasing access to health and advocating for systemic and budget changes that would shift My Health LA funding priorities to support a comprehensive health homes and a more robust mental health system, 2) Mobilizing students and parents impacted by the marginalization, criminalization and “push-out” policies in underserving schools towards a more restorative justice approach and the use of the Student Need Index to prioritize LAUSD funding, 3) Shift the community safety narrative from criminalization of youth towards an investment in healthy youth development approaches to effectively deliver seamless services and supports for youth in high need.  In my role, I convene the 26 grantees, support and create environments for strategic planning and focus on creating communication tools and channels that share our amazing work to larger audiences.  I live in Los Feliz with my three fur babies Luna, Titus, and Sebastien.

Post-Mixer, I look forward to attending the next event and hope to build lasting relationships with others who also create strategies for engagement and media.


Paula Bond HeadshotAs a new member of NCM Network, I felt like a ‘kid-in-a-candy-store at the Mixer!  It was a good opportunity to meet and share with others who are as passionate about their endeavors as I am about mine.

I am thrilled to have both an entrepreneurial career and a passion that is so very fulfilling.  For almost 20 years I have led my team at First Option Entertainment, a Live-Event and Video Production company.  We specialize in Video Production, plus Galas, Award Programs, Concerts and Upscale Fashion Shows.  Having my own production company has been a dream come true;  however, my passion is my non-profit ‘Know Better To Do Better’.  We recently conducted our ‘Girl’s Leadership Summer Day Camp’ – a 2-day intensive for girls 12 to 14 years old. . . .it was a brilliant experience where the girls learned STEM elements from a female rocket scientist, banking, public speaking, goal setting, presentation skills, self-discipline and much more.

The NCM Network Mixer had so many interesting people, and so little time!  I am looking forward to meeting others in the group who have more experience in my areas of interest and can provide their expertise as an example for me.  I also hope to learn more about the organization and be a part of the accomplishments of the organization’s goals.


Harris__leon-38104679711I have been coming for a while to NCM Network events, and am glad I’ve now become official!  This year’s Mixer was very rewarding and inspiring.  The broad and diverse conversations from the diverse representatives afforded me the opportunity to discuss my interests as well as learn from others

I currently teach theology at Biola University, where I am involved with our First Generation program; and I am an advisor to our African American Male student affinity group.  I am quite passionate about the intersection of faith, diversity, and racial reconciliation.  In my personal life, I enjoy spending time with my wife traveling, attending plays/musicals, and the movies, or spending time with friends/family.  I also enjoy reading a range of books including, sociology, science fiction, theology, philosophy, mystery, etc.

Ultimately through NCMN, I hope to learn about opportunities to network or partner with other organizations beyond my current discipline.  I am looking to create and discover new avenues of relationship which I am unaware – new and creative possibilities is the goal!


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