Announcing 2017-18 Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Winner

Amelia Greene PicWe are proud to announce Amelia Greene as the 2017-18 Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship winner!

Greene’s career goal, at this point in her life, is in the music industry as she writes, “I could not see myself anywhere else; however, the exact role I hope to have in the future is constantly shifting as I find myself enjoying multiple potential careers.” She continues to describe her future career in public relations, yet the idea of entertainment law also crosses her mind. She summarizes: “[D]espite the ultimate role I end up in, communication will continue to be a fundamental component of my future career, since I value mass media and the relationship it has with music. Similar to music, communication, especially in mass media, has managed to adapt to technology and morph to the trends of society and consumer wants. Communication and music have played such pivotal roles in my life, and have become true passions of mine, setting me up to aspire to a career that combines the two.”

We asked Miss Greene to discuss her view of the communications industry and its role in today’s society:
“Communications is truly inter-disciplinary and spans so many aspects of society today, since it is an integral part in numerous industries and facilitates societal cohesion. At a very basic level, both verbal and nonverbal communication drive cooperation, a biological and psychological feature in human survival. As we build upon this fundamental need to communicate with each other, communication continues to greatly impact society by pushing technological advancements and overall progress. While physical newspapers are dying out, the need to communicate through cellphones and the internet have pushed media sources to adapt to the shift in technology. The future of communication is brighter than its past. Since the communications industry is to push society forward, encourage society to adapt, and make efforts to connect with people internationally.”

During Greene’s break from school, she interned at a lifestyle public relations firm, Go Ahead PR, and also at Colorado Expression Magazine. For Go Ahead PR, she gathered press contacts to pitch to in the future. Additionally, for the Colorado Classic bike race, a client, she ran the media operations room for the entire weekend and coordinated photo opportunities for the media. For Colorado Expression, she was in charge of running all of the magazine’s social media outlets, and assisted in redesigning its website.

Moving forward from these two internship experiences and returning to school, Greene secured an internship at Red Light Management. Red Light Management is the largest independent artist management company in the world and has an extensive list of artists including Alabama Shakes, Odesza, Bastille, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. While there, she is assigned to a management team and has the opportunity to contribute to the creative processes that managers utilize to take their artists to the next level.

Miss Greene is an undergraduate student at University of California, Los Angeles with a GPA of 3.87. Majoring in Communications Studies, she is expected to graduate in June 2019.

To apply for the 2018-19 scholarship, please visit

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