Media Mixer Sparks News Coverage & Connections for Non Profits

DSC_0358_BillAndyRuth_CROPsmOn June 21, a balmy Wednesday evening, over 100 people showed up to the CBS Studios’ Neighborhood Street Set for the Nonprofit Communications and Media Network’s (NCM) Annual Media Mixer. NCM Co-Presidents Andy Weisser (communications/PR consultant) and Ruth House (public affairs supervisor with ABC7), along with KCBS2/KCAL9 News Director Bill Dallman, welcomed everyone.

The event raised nearly $2,000 for NCM’s Ruth Collander Endowment Fund that provides scholarships for journalism and communications students through the Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Program.

During the event, people mingled with each other: television, radio, and newspaper representatives searching for newsworthy content, as well as nonprofit groups looking to promote their purpose and to gain insights from nonprofit colleagues. During his remarks, Dallman noted that last year’s mixer generated about 10 news stories for his station.

DSC_0353Among the nonprofits represented were: a theater company, an international school, a group that raises awareness of the effects of the fashion industry on the environment, and a group supporting foster care youth. Some of the other media represented included: KABC 790 AM, KCET, NBC4, Hollywood Review Live, La Opinion, L.A. Parent Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

It was Executive Director of The Wildwoods Foundation, Dwain Wilson’s first NCM event. When asked if he thought his organization would get some press as a result of the mixer, Wilson replied: “You plant a seed and you see what happens. In the meantime it’s nice to get together with this caliber of people.”

The meeting was a success, both for the nonprofit organizations and the media. The nonprofit organizations gained the opportunity to expand their visibility in the LA area, while the reporters have new ideas for inspiring stories.

Andy Weisser was pleased with the gathering. “It was a terrific evening of new connections between nonprofit organizations and news media. For others, it was a warm reunion. The turnout reflects that, even with engaging electronic communications, nothing will ever replace the kind of interaction that happens when people meet in person and exchange ideas and possibilities.”

The Annual Media Mixer happens every June. If you know of nonprofits looking to expand their outreach, make sure to inform them about this event!

By Dante Yardas.  First-timers at the event, Dante attended the media mixer with his mom, Mara Schoner, publisher of

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