December TweetChat – Read the Recap


On December 14, NCM Network hosted our second chat on Twitter, also known as a TweetChat, from 12noon to 1pm (Pacific Daylight Time). Our hashtag was #NCMNchat.

Our topic was “How to Integrate Instagram into Your Nonprofit Communications Strategy,” and our special guest was Jenn Herman. Follow on TWITTER @Jenns_Trends and also on INSTAGRAM @Jenns_Trends. The chat’s moderator was Debbie Laskey, NCM Network Board Member and brand marketer who has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 Brand Experts” to follow on Twitter @DebbieLaskeyMBA.

A little about Jenn:

Jenn is a social media strategist, trainer and speaker, and Instagram fanatic and blogger. She has worked in a myriad of industries including hospitality, retail, government, aerospace, and customer service, and currently runs her own company called Jenn’s Trends. Her nonprofit experience includes supporting various nonprofit clients with their social media strategies. Her nearly 12,000 Instagram followers look forward to her daily Instagram posts filled with case studies, social tips, or peaks into her daily life. Her blog has been recognized as a “Top 10 Social Media Blog” by Social Media Examiner three years in a row for 2014, 2015, and 2016. A native of Canada and now based in San Diego, Jenn’s blog can be found at

If you were unable to attend and participate, CLICK HERE for the full chat on Storify. If you’d like to read the Q&A with Jenn’s responses, see below.

What should we talk about next on Twitter? DM or Tweet @NCMNetworkSoCal a topic for our next TweetChat in 2017.

QUESTION 1: What are some reasons why a nonprofit should add Instagram to its communications strategy?
JENN HERMAN: Instagram (IG) has 500 MILLION monthly active users – so LOTS of people to reach out to for your nonprofit. And it’s not just millennials using IG. With that many people, your audience is there too. But, millennials want to be involved and participate in philanthropy so IG is a great place to reach them. I’ve been using IG for about 3-1/2 years now and absolutely love it.

QUESTION 2: How should a nonprofit use #hashtags on Instagram?
JENN HERMAN: Using IG helps you show the real business behind your nonprofit, building trust and encouraging donations. Hashtags are also super powerful and allow you to build a long-term conversation around your hashtag. You definitely need your own branded hashtag that is unique to your cause and/or organization. Pick a unique hashtag that will be on ALL of your posts to build your story on that hashtag. But you also want to mix in lots of other hashtags – you can use up to 30. I recommend 20-25 per post. Find a combination of popular hashtags, moderately popular, and niche-specific hashtags related to your content. Your hashtags should ALWAYS relate to the content you’re posting and not hashjack something trendy. I use a lot of social media hashtags and my branded ones #JennsTrends and #LearnFromJenn on all my posts. Use hashtags related to your cause, your brand message, and your target audience. If your nonprofit is about cancer research, don’t use hashtags for humanitarian work “just because.” Stay in your lane.

QUESTION 3: What is regramming, and what should a nonprofit share?
JENN HERMAN: Regramming is when you repost someone else’s IG post to your own account and can be a useful tool for nonprofits. You want to use a tool like Repost for Instagram that let’s you give attribution to the original user. And you always want to get permission to regram! Ask someone on their post or via DM before you regram. Share photos from fundraisers or events, volunteering, merchandise with your logo – all show support from your audience. Share the story through the eyes of your audience. How they support you, how they participate, etc.

QUESTION 4: Should nonprofits link their Instagram accounts with other social platforms? Why or why not?
JENN HERMANL Yes, but no. Link them to share OCCASIONALLY, but DO NOT share every post to every other platform. If you share every IG post to FB or Twitter, why would they follow you on IG? Instead, cross-promote content. Here’s an example: Post photos from a fundraiser on IG and share one photo to FB telling visitors to go to IG for the rest of the photos. Pick the platforms that are best for you/your audience and focus on those. Don’t be everywhere! It’s better to be two places and do them well than be five places and be poorly active.

QUESTION 5: How can a nonprofit feature its donors/supporters on its Instagram page?
JENN HERMAN: We already talked about regramming, but that is a really effective way to highlight supporters. You can also do shout-outs by @ mentioning them – giving recognition to people or brands that support your nonprofit. You can do a feature where you do a series of posts highlighting how a person/brand supports you. You can also do a takeover where that person/brand posts everything to your IG for a day, event, week, etc. A picture says 1,000 words. And your captions can be 2,200 characters, so lot’s of room for storytelling. Do a campaign leading up a fundraiser to show behind-the-scenes preparation. Highlight an employee and the work he or she does. Do a series on tutorials/tips for safety/prevention/awareness, etc. Do a series on new research with results and impact.

QUESTION 6: What are some of your fave Instagram apps?
JENN HERMAN: For analytics and management: @hootsuite @AgoraPulse @squarelovin and @socialrank. For editing photos and adding text: @photofyapp @photogridorg and @Phontograph.

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